Climbing Technology Multi Chain EVO

Innovative daisy chain with loops made of the new single-layer Dyneema webbing, specific for long routes and for mountaineering in general. Ideal for self-belaying at stances, for connecting and equalizing anchors at the belay station, as a lanyard for abseiling and as étrier.


  • Equipped with an innovative loop for the connection to the harness (registered design), with six wide intermediate loops and a sling at the end.
  • The special construction guarantees a constant 24kN-rated strength: from end to end, for each single intermediate loop or connecting two or more intermediate loops.
  • This single-loop-based construction reduces the chance of error and the danger of it moving out of the anchor, typical of traditional daisy chains.Ftõmbetu

Tehnilised omadused

  • Tootjakood: 7W146
  • Kaal: 90 g
  • Tõmbetugevus: 24 kN
  • Vastavussertifikaat: EN 566:2017, CE 0333, UIAA
  • Pikkus: 125 cm
39,00 €

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Jaama 12
Multi Chain EVO 125cm -