Victor V-Kerf 6000 reket

This Victor Kerf 6000 badminton racket has optimum ease of use and offers great control through the reduction of torsion and the stabilizing handle. The racket is ideal for the all-round player.
Material Hi-Density Magan
Headshape Isometric
Gripsize G3 (9 cm circumference)
Flexibility Stiff ○●○○○ Flexible
Balanspoint Head heavy ○○●○○ Head light
Color Yellow/Black
Weight ca. 88 gram / 3U
Length 67,5 cm
Current string Ashaway Zymax 70 White
Maximum Tension 12 kg
Racket bag Free racket bag


Technical features

  • Material: Hi-Density Magan
  • Weight: 88 g
89,00 €
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