Gizzo Eco Fire Starter

Dancoal Eco Firestarter is the product everyone needs when going on outdoor grilling adventures. It is the fastest way to get your grill heating up without fussing around with lighter fluids, that can actually ruin the flavour of the meat.

This high-quality firestarter is made of compressed wood fibre, infused with natural wax or high-quality paraffin. It lights up very quickly and is food safe and doesn’t emit odour. It is eco-friendly and made from natural materials and burns itself completely.

Place a couple of Dancoal Eco firestarter cubes and ignite. Add the necessary amount of charcoal, briquettes or wood and start your grilling experience with ease. To achieve the most efficient use of the charcoal use it with the Gizzo Chimney Charcoal Grate.


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Dancoal eco starter (süütetabletid) available
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Dancoal eco starter (süütetabletid) available