Climbing Technology Nimble Fixbar Pro EVO NY12

Extremely robust, ergonomic and lightweight quickdraw with elevated workloads: major axis strength 25 kN and minor axis strength with an open gate 10 kN. Ideal for sport climbing, for intensive use and for working a route.

Upper carabiner with the new best-grip gate and catch-free closure; lower carabiner with a hot forged ergonomic gate and catch-free closure for easy rope insertion/removal.

Equipped with a robust and durable 16 mm polyamide sling, with the new rubber retaining bar FIXBAR which prevents the top carabiner from rotating around the sling and/ or anchor, avoiding the possibility of cross-loading the minor axis of the carabiner and with the FIXIT rubber fastener on the lower carabiner, which prevents accidental rotation during use and protects the sling from wear and tear.


Technical features

  • Article-No.: 2E688FDA0B
  • Weight: 108 g
  • Body length: 12 cm
  • Major axis strength: 25 kN
  • Minor axis strength: 10 kN
21,90 €
Jaama 12
CT Nimble Fixbar Pro set EVO NY12 available