Nordic Pocket Saw Pocket Saw Premium

Low weight, small pack size and high quality construction. These are the features of the Nordic Pocket Saw which make it an essential companion for your outdoor adventure. The chain of 33 links is made of high carbon hardened steel, which is ideal for blades designed specifically for resilience under harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. The "teeth" of the chain links are arranged like a chainsaw and work in no time through the wood. Even thicker branches are no problem at all. The sturdy nylon hand straps are extremely durable and give a pleasant and secure grip even in wet conditions. Includes padded belt pouch made of Cordura with velcro closure.


Technical features

  • Material: Hardened carbon steel, leather
  • Weight: 145 g
  • Length: 65 cm
85,00 €
Jaama 12
Nordic Pocket Saw Premium available