Victor Brave Sword 11R D

A new addition to highly successful Brave Sword Brand New Racket VICTOR BRAVE SWORD 11R (BRS-11R)
With Iconic Handling Experience and Upgraded AERO-DIAMOND Frame, BRS-11R Strikes a Perfect Balance Between Speed and Controllability.This highly manoeuvrable, head light racket is the perfect weapon of choice for the all-out attacking doubles or singles player who is looking to blow the opposition away. Used by International players this racket is the new benchmark for attack badminton and comes in a 4U G5 format for the ultimate in racket head manoeuvrability Crafted from Ultra Hi Modulus Graphite & Nano Resin it is set to become a future classic.


Technical features

  • Article-No.: 150/9/9
  • Material: Ultra Hi-Modulus Nano Graphite + Nano Resin
  • Weight: 87 g
  • Headshape: Isometric
  • Grip size: 4U/G5
  • Balance: HH○●○○○HL
  • Max. String Ten: 13kg
  • Strings: 0.63mm
  • Length: 675 mm
  • Bag: No
249,00 €
161,85 €
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