TREK`N EAT Pasta Primavera 150g

Pasta Primavera is a classic noodle dish that is specially customised with a mix of selected colourful vegetables. Leeks, paprika, corn and broccoli in a delicately flavoured sauce add a lot of vitamins to this pasta variant. Delicious and healthy,

Pasta 50% (durum wheat semolina, egg, salt), vegetable mix in varying proportions 19% (corn, carrot, peas, leek, courgette, broccoli, onion, cauliflower), cheese sauce (contains milk), cream powder, sunflower oil (contains milk, E551), modified starch, potato starch, seasoning mix (contains celery), yeast extract, pepper.
Allergens: Eggs, gluten, milk and celery.

How to prepare: Open the pouch, pour in 490 ml of boiling water and stir several times. Close the pouch. Your meal will be ready in 8 minutes.


Technical features

  • Calories: 418 kcal/100gr.
  • Amount of cal: 627 kcal
  • Protein: 11,2 gr./100gr.
  • Fat: 15,7 gr./100gr.
  • Saturated fatty acids: 7,5 gr/ 100gr
  • Carbohydrate: 56,5- sugar 8,9 gr./100gr.
  • Fibres: 1,6 gr/ 100gr
  • Salt: 1,9 gr./100gr.
  • Dry weight: 150 gr.
  • Meal weight: 640 gr.
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Pasta Primavera 150g (Vegetable) available