Morpho Trimove S Light

Snowshoe with snowboard type ankle straps, ONE ratchet buckle, WITHOUT pad.
Accepts all types of boots
2nd generation of snow TRIMARAN 3D patented TRIMOVE shape. 7% more floatation surface, outstanding morphologic traverse grip, Easy walk forward hull tip.
Technical. Very good foot maintaining. Ideal for sales and trekking in FLAT terrains and all terrains
Outstanding in powder snow


  • Accepts all types of boots
  • Very technical
  • ALL terrains and alpine slopes
  • Outstanding in powder snow

Technical features

  • Weight: 2 x 866 g
  • Size: 9,6х20,4х56 cm
  • Lifting surface: 2 x 1005 cm²
  • Size: 56 x 20,4 cm
  • Load up to: 70 kg
77,00 €
Jaama 12
Trimove S Light available