Morpho Trimmyette Light räätsad

Snowshoe with snowboard type ankle straps, ONE ratchet buckle, WITHOUT pad. Accepts all types of boots. Snow TRIMARAN 3D patented TRIMMY shape: 7% more floatation surface, morphologic traverse grip, Easy walk forward hull tip. Suited for Women and Kids. Light and technical. Very good foot maintaining. Ideal for Sales, trekking in flat areas.


  • Accepts all types of boots up to US Women Size 13 and Men Size 12.5
  • Rigid binding/heel thrust provide outstanding inequaled foot maintaining therefore comfort of use, reduced tiredness and technicality in all terrains
  • Suited for WOMEN and YOUTH,
  • lightweight,
  • outstanding in traverse, downhill,
  • Ideal for FLAT terrains and suitable for all terrains
  • Floatation surface : 2 x 945 cm2

Technical features

  • Weight: 0,83х2 kg
  • Size: 9,3х20,4х56 cm
  • Load up to: 70 kg
64,00 €
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Trimmyette Light räätsad available
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Trimmyette Light räätsad available